Welcome to Building Catholic Men

A Catholic digital fraternity striving for excellence in body, mind, and spirit.

Prayer - Virtue - Vocation

Building Catholic Men is an online fraternity of Christian men striving for physical, mental, and spiritual excellence. As brothers anchored firmly to the pillars of prayer, virtue, and vocation, we offer each other mutual challenge, encouragement, and accountability as we strive to live whole and holy lives as husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, and leaders in our communities and in the Church.

Benefits of Membership

Daily Encouragement and Accountability — Daily discussion and encouragement through a dedicated Slack channel for the journey of prayer, virtue, and vocation. Take a break from the noise, drama, politics, and instead a focus with your brothers on the true, good, and beautiful — and the missions God is calling you to in your life.

Fraternity Calls & Discussions — regular calls with fraternity to share wins, discuss challenges, and of course, to join together in prayer.

Cohort Course & Ongoing Formation on the pillars of prayer, virtue, and vocation — An initial 3 month cohort on Prayer & Virtue followed by a rotating series of live talks and discussions on key focal points for Catholic husbands and fathers who are striving to grow in holiness and fidelity to the missions God has given them.

Book Studies — Yearly fraternity reading plan & weekly opportunities to gather via video-call to read, reflect, and discuss.

Growing library of tools & resources for Catholic husbands, fathers, and priests — Original content and tools created by Building Catholic Men. Additionally, you will find collections of recommended and curated prayers, websites, resources for the journey, as well as an archive of topical discussions so that you can glean wisdom and advice from your brothers.

Annual in-person retreats — Long-term goal is to bring the digital back to the physical: an annual in-person retreat for members of the fraternity, incorporating prayer, sacraments, discussion, good food, fitness, and of course the mug and the pipe around the bonfire.

Who Should Join?

In short: faithful Catholic men who are looking to grow in prayer, virtue, and vocation in the context of a fraternity of their brothers.

Making Prayer & Sacraments the Foundation — We are looking for brothers who are working to make a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer & the reception of the sacraments of the Church the concrete foundation of their lives. 

Building a Rule of Life — We are looking for brothers who are working to develop a consistent and sustainable rule of life that facilitates the commitment to prayer and also builds and maintains radical vocational readiness in all areas of life: prayer, holy study, healthy diet, physical fitness, relationships, and leadership. 

Discerning & Engaging Vocation — We are looking for brothers who are discerning their vocation(s) and/or how to live out their vocation(s) more completely. We have been given roles by God that by themselves establish 98% of what the content and direction of our lives should be. We need to be growing in our understanding of our vocations and our fidelity in carrying them out.

Setting Goals and Seeking Growth — Based on their vocations and roles, we are looking for brothers who are regularly reviewing their lives and setting goals for improvement or initiation of something new. 

Fraternity & Accountability — We are looking for brothers who want to share and discuss their goals, and who want to give and receive mutual challenge, accountability, and encouragement. We are looking for a band of brothers who wish to make this journey together. 

Be Catholic. Become a Saint — Finally, we are looking for brothers who are committed to Christ and His Church and to pursing the perfection of charity to which they have been called by God. We are not here to engage in idle chatter about the state of the Catholic Church or ecclesial drama. These are distractions. We are here to live out our Catholicism faithfully and to strive for sainthood.

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